The Road Foward

It has been some time.

The many problems the IGMC 2017 version had are majorly fixed, although, this project's "final" version still has a lackluster feel to our team's eyes. The erratic month we took exploring RPGMaker for the first time, then building our entry for the contest in such a short notice was a interesting experience as much as it was as tiresome one. 

Production started hastily, we were and still are through the production of a much larger project in another engine when we decided to put it all into a hold for the whole month we dedicated ourselves to Project Witch for the IGMC2017.  This means continuing Project WITCH is not our top priority, nor that it's close to the top too. 

Don't lose your hopes though, we do see a future for this project and pretend to build a new version of the game with the high standards we hold, both for our sake and the players that will enjoy it in the future. Most likely, this decision implies we will be working with a different engine and another approach capable of fulfilling our development needs. The team grew to like this game on the short amount of time we spent on it, so we have decided to keep the idea alive and close to mind, we just couldn't let our awesome heroines go to waste, there's much more to see than the medieval world you initially find them in.

To sum it up, this has been a great experience and the birth of a project we love, expect it to look and feel way better in the future, we are just not sure when.

We at team InnocenceInnocence look forward to see you again, 


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